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  • Morsus, physics, huh...I've heard it's really fun. The only experience I had with physics was, to say the least, unpleasant. I dropped the class on the second session and never looked back.

    It's mostly because the teacher didn't explain any of it. At all.
    Morsus, ...yeah.
    so, what's been up with you as of late? anything in particular you wish to tell?
    Morsus, yeah. It's a little exhausting (mentally), after a while. I really don't want to have to do this, but I must, for the sake of a grade. Ah well, it'll pass.
    Morsus, it's more like what I'm still doing, though I should have done a good deal of this last week (but wasn't feeling well) - a 3-page informal report for one of my business classes. I'm setting up the framework for it, and I kinda know what I'm doing now.
    Morsus, being productive on a Monday, for once in my life, thankfully! (For whatever reason, I can rarely if ever bring myself to be productive on a Monday...)
    When you log in to chat, /query DNA to make sure I'm there + to get my attention.
    Edit: It's about 5.30pm now and I haven't seen you, so...maybe some other time. I might be on tomorrow morning, but either way, drop me a line.
    Morsus, while it's true that lack of emotions gave me a sense of calm and clarity, that was all I felt. There was nothing beyond or outside of myself that I felt.

    I didn't feel anything, and therefore, I wasn't even truly alive at that point. Neither living nor dead? That's not a place anyone can remain, not unless insanity is involved.
    I'm currently devoid of emotion.

    And you're wrong.

    It feels worse than when I did have them.
    Morsus, law and politics, huh? I never would've guessed. Knowing you it makes sense; it just didn't immediately come to mind.
    Morsus, you use pronouns far too much without really distinguishing what they're referring to. That's why I have to ask for clarification.

    But yes, I crunch numbers so much I eat fractions for breakfast.
    Morsus, well, the ones that deal with the legal aspects, anyway. My favorite class right now is accounting. Lots of numbers to crunch and be crunched - something I love doing.
    Morsus, it was for one of my business classes, and the focus was certain bits of business law.
    It wasn't difficult per se, but it was really boring...
    Morsus, I don't think I've ever gotten below 80% on any major assignment in any of my classes, so that's not a worry! Though, thanks very much for the encouragement.

    Not having to wait for results is one of the beauties of having online classes. I get to instantly see how I did, and where I messed up. :D
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