activitiesWelcome to the PokeBeach Activities Program!

Be it the trading card game, video games, anime, art or writing, whichever aspects of Pokémon that you love, PokéBeach has an activity just for you! Whether it is a competition or tournament, you will earn badges and have your work displayed for all of PokéBeach’s visitors to see!

All of PokéBeach’s official activities are listed below. Remember to check back often to keep updated with our news and calendar!

Activity News

Activity Calendar

List of General PokéBeach Activities

The following is a list of our activities. Hover over the activity’s name for other details.

  • PokeDream & Design – Dream It & Design It, creating your dream Pokemon!
  • Monthly TCG Cup – It is a month-long standard format trading card game tournament that opens registration on the first day of each month.
  • Live TCG/VG – It may be either a trading card or video game related activity. The activities rotate in a quarter-year cycle.

Pokemon/Nintendo Video Game Activities

final battle
Monthly TCG Cup – Utilizing Pokemon Trading Card Game Online, a month-long standard format tournament is conducted online that issues physical prize support.
TCG Expanded – Utilizing Pokemon Trading Card Game Online, a day-long expanded format tournament is conducted online that issues virtual prize support.
Pokemon Video Game – Utilizing the Pokemon video games on the Nintendo 3DS, a tournament is conducted online.
Pokken Tournament – Utilizing Pokken Tournament on the Wii U, a tournament is conducted online.
Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U – Utilizing Super Smash Bros. on either the 3DS or Wii U version, a tournament is conducted online.
Other Video Games – See the activity for details.

Everyday Gaming Options

In addition to our scheduled activities above, you can always play Pokémon 24/7 with other PokéBeach members:

Start or Join a Member-Run Activity!

ajWant to play in even more organized activities? PokéBeach has designated areas for members to run and participate in their own tournaments and games!

  • Forum Games – A forum dedicated to… well, forum games! Werewolf is one of the most popular forum-based games, but there is a wide variety of others games too! Many PokéBeach members comment that this forum is one of the funnest places on the site, so be sure to drop by and have some fun!
  • Nintendo World Online – Play together, have fun! Share news, strategy and compete worldwide in all online Nintendo games, such as Pokkén Tournament, Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart and etc., here.
  • TCG Competitive Play – Analyze the current metagame’s most popular decks, card combos, and strategies. This is also the place to discuss Play! Pokémon.
  • VG Competitive Play – Analyze individual Pokémon, strategies, and the state of the metagame for various tiers and VGC.
  • WIFI Zone – Find battles and trade with the Pokemon video games!
  • Chat Room – Not only can you casually chat with other PokéBeach members here 24/7! The chat room has a history of turning members into close friends.


Do you want to be the best that there ever was? Then learn from the best here at PokeBeach!

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