Live events may have a bracket, chat and a video stream being relayed at the same time. To ensure the smoothest operation during our live events, limit your personal computer resource usage. The rules for all of PokeBeach’s chat rooms can be found by clicking here.

Current PokeBeach Time

PokeBeach runs its activity schedule in the U.S. Eastern Time Zone. To avoid any confusion, we have provided a clock with our time zone as well as the Prime Meridian so that you may calculate how your time is offset from PokeBeach’s time. The time will update with each page refresh.
U.S. Eastern Time [GMT-4/5]
Greenwich Mean Time [GMT+0]

IRC Client Information:

  • Server:
  • Port: 6667
  • Channel: #HNE

IRC Commands:

  • Login: “/msg nickserv identify (password)”
  • Join: “/join #(channel)”
  • Nick: “/nick (nickname)”
  • IRC Commands: Foonetic.Net Wiki

Chat Server Rules

  • Treat everyone with respect.
  • Don’t spam.
  • Don’t advertise other Pokémon websites or channels.
  • Don’t abuse chat scripts, such as by having illegible colors and messages.
  • You may only have one active connection to the chat server at a time.
  • Violating chat policy can result in a verbal warning or kick for minor offenses to a ban for major offenses. Serious violations can result in a ban from the forums and/or website.

IRC Chat Room FAQ

How do I register my nick name?
/msg nickserv register [yourpassword] [youremail]

How do I change my nickname’s password?
/msg nickserv set password [newpassword]

It tells me I need to identify myself. How do I do that?
If you are the owner of the nickname, type /ns identify password. If you are not the owner of the nickname, you will need to change your nickname to something else.

How do I talk to just a single person and not the whole chat?
Click on a person’s name to open a private chat with them.

Who is in charge of the chat?
Staff members have a ‘+’, ‘%’, ‘@’, ‘&’ or ‘~’ before their nickname. Each staff member is on PokéBeach’s forums as well, so you can contact them there if you wish.

I have a question that isn’t covered anywhere in this guide.
Send a Private Message to one of the chat’s staff members with your question. We’re glad to help you!