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Are you a beginning, aspiring, or even veteran trainer looking to hone their skills on the current metagame? Well, look no further! Some of PokeBeach’s wisest players have come together to offer their knowledge to those looking to get into competitive play! To sign up for a tutor, simply get in contact with the tutors listed here to get set up!​

Who are these tutors, anyways? Here's a little info about them:

Keeper of Night

Hello everybody, my name is Keeper! I’ve been a part of the competitive battling scene since the Diamond and Pearl era, and have had a hand in teaching others about the game in the past. I’m excited to help out new players to get them started on their own path in competitive battling!

My time zone is MST, and I am available all day Monday/Tuesday/Thursday, and before 3 on Wednesdays and on the weekends.

Greetings. iSharingan here (also known as ChaosSharingan on dA and as New Gizoid in select other places). I picked up Pokemon in Gen 1, but I’ve been a competitive battler since early gen 5 and have focused on thoroughly analyzing game mechanics and how they interact. I am well rounded, having thoroughly experimented in every singles-format tier (in gen 5) as well as delving into VGC as of OR/AS. I tend to give tips or share effective sets with whomever I meet and/or battle and have gone as far as teaching OU/VGC to several such acquaintances, so tutoring like this is just the next step up. Unfortunately my schedule is slightly volatile due to an inconsistent work schedule, but I’m most often available Saturday afternoons/evenings, Wednesday starting around 10AM, and after 3PM Thursdays. At the very least I can usually be reached sometime from 8PM-midnight any day of the week week (all times in EST).


Hello all, my name is Yakkov. I have been a part of the competitive battling scene since the Diamond and Pearl era. When I first joined Pokebeach back in 2007 I was yet a very inexperienced Pokemon player. Though over time I got better with the help of past moderators such as Gamercal, and Kevin Garret. I focus most of my time with the video game championship rule set. Aside from battling, I am also a breeder who has way too much time on their hands.

I’m excited to help out any new players get started on battling or with breeding. All you have to do us just ask me in a private message, and I will try to assist.

My timezone is EST, however my schedule is somewhat random as my work has me working odd days sometimes. Though I am usually available after 4 PM every day.

Now that you have met them, there are also a couple of rules you must follow. These rules ensure tutoring goes smoothly:
  1. Please don’t be rude to tutors. These guys are volunteering their time to teaching not just you, but others on playing the metagame. They’re also living, breathing human beings that have their own lives and schedules, so if your lesson is moved back or anything, please be patient with these guys!
  2. If you don't agree with your tutor's way of teaching, ask them kindly if they can conform to your learning style.
  3. Obey all other forum rules.
  4. Let your tutor know ahead of time what all you know about breeding, EVs, IVs, and really, your all around competitive knowledge.
  5. Have fun!
  6. Also, be sure you understand these guides, as they are useful tools that explain the basics of how each aspect of getting the best out of your Pokemon works:
If you have any other questions, feel free to PM either the tutors, @Equinox or @Celever!
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