“Mask of Change” Secret Rares and Pull Rates!

The secret rare cards from Mask of Change are now being posted to social media by Japanese fans! The set releases in Japan on April 26th.

Mask of Change features 32 secret rares: 12 Illustration Rares, 8 full art Pokemon ex, 3 full art Trainers, 4 Special Illustration Rare Pokemon (all Ogerpon), 2 Special Illustration Rare Trainers, and 3 gold cards.

The cards from Mask of Change will become part of our Twilight Masquerade set on May 24th along with the cards from Crimson Haze.

TPCi has already revealed English versions of some secret rares — within days of their Japanese reveals. This is a first for the company. It may be due to Twilight Masquerade coming out a month after Mask of Change.

Mask of Change sees all of Ogerpon’s forms as Pokemon ex, full arts, and Special Illustration Rares. Its Teal Mask form also gets a gold card. This means she has 13 secret rares in the set! Along with her regular Teal Mask card in the main set, Ogerpon has 14 total cards in Mask of Change.

“Mask of Change” Secret Rares

Carmine’s Special Illustration Rare will obviously become the most expensive card from the set, as it features a popular female character. Her artwork shows her at a festival in Kitakami. She’s eating a candy apple and yakisoba topped with an egg. Both food items are associated with real-life Japanese festivals.

Her brother’s card might also become one of the more expensive cards of the set.

“Mask of Change” Pull Rates

The official Japanese Pokemon TCG YouTube channel revealed their pulls from one booster box of Mask of Change.

Their box came with four Double Rares, three Illustration Rares, one Secret Rare, and one ACE SPEC.