“Crimson Haze” Secret Rares Revealed!

The secret rare cards from Crimson Haze are now being posted to social media by Japanese fans! The set releases in Japan on March 22nd.

Crimson Haze includes 12 Illustration Rares, 6 full art Pokemon ex, 4 full art Trainers, 5 Special Illustration Rares, and 3 Hyper Rare (Gold) cards.

Hisuian Growlithe and Perrin are connected illustrations, both drawn by GIDORA. (They’ve already been revealed in English.) The two cards are the first Pokemon / Trainer connected illustrations ever released. They’re also cross-rarity.

Poltchageist and Sinistcha are both drawn by the same artist. They are story-connected illustrations, taking place in a family’s basement. In the first card we see a child discovering Poltchageist. The Sinistcha card then shows an old man looking through the family’s photo album. This could possibly be the same child from the first card, but decades later.

The cards from Crimson Haze will become part of our Twilight Masquerade set on May 24th.

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