Galaxy Holofoils Confirmed for American “Temporal Forces” Store Promotions!

We can now reveal photos of the promos that will be given out at Gamestop and Best Buy stores for Temporal Forces! They will be printed on galaxy holofoil paper.

Gamestop’s Koraidon promo will come with a Gamestop stamp while Best Buy’s Miraidon will come with a Temporal Forces stamp. (Update: EB Games will also give out Koraidon with their stamp.)

As posted before, the promotions will begin on March 22nd when the set releases. You’ll have to spend $15 on Pokemon TCG products to receive each promo.

We posted photos of the European promos last week. Both will come with Temporal Forces stamps. This means the Miraidon will match worldwide while the Koraidon will come with three stamps.

This is the first time we’re seeing these store promos printed on galaxy holofoil. They have always been reverse holos.

Check out our Temporal Forces set guide for the card list, products, and everything else you need to know about the set!

I've been calling them "galaxy" in my articles since 2003. I never saw anyone comment on that usage until this last year. But yes, they are interchangeable in the fandom since they have no official term (that I'm aware of). More than happy to revise my usage if/when we have an official term.
Got 'em, but talk to a manager type at Best Buy when you are looking for them. Sometimes the promos are at the registers, sometimes at the customer service counter, or they may not do it at all. Rank and file are unlikely to have any idea about the promo.

And don't bother calling ahead. Tried that and the chances of getting a correct response if any response at all is basically zero.