“Paradox Rift,” November’s English Set!

We can exclusively reveal Paradox Rift will be the name of November’s SV4 set!

The set will release on Friday, November 3rd. Prereleases will take place from October 21st through 29th.

We expect our set to be comprised of the cards from September’s Raging Surf and October’s Ancient Roar & Future Flash. These sets haven’t been officially revealed in Japan yet.

We previously revealed Raging Surf would feature Gholdengo ex and a Tera Water-type Garchomp ex. A “Starter Set Terastal Mewtwo ex” and “Starter Set Terastal Skeledirge ex” will also release alongside the set, which should be incorporated into our English set.

We previously speculated Ancient Roar and Future Flash could feature Walking Wake and Iron Leaves to tie-in to the first Scarlet & Violet DLC releasing in the fall. We don’t know anything else about those sets beyond their names.