“Raging Surf” To Feature Gholdengo ex!

We’ve now learned Raging Surf will indeed feature Gholdenego ex! The set will release in Japan on May 19th.

Gholdenego rides a surfboard made of coins, so the set name is fitting. Its Japanese name is Surfugo. Considering it’s Pokemon #1000, it definitely deserves its own set.

Except for Paradox Pokemon, the only remaining Gen 9 Pokemon that haven’t received a card are Finizen, Palafin, Gimmighoul, and Gholdengo. This is just an educated guess, but Raging Surf should also feature Palafin ex since it’s a dolphin. Creatures probably reserved it for this set to tie into Gholdenego’s surfing theme.

As we stated months ago, the first few sets of a generation always spend their time introducing new Pokemon before moving on to new mechanics. The appeal of new Pokemon will be (mostly) spent by May. This is why we’re getting our first Tera Pokemon of an unusual type in July’s Ruler of the Black Flame. The TCG will spend June celebrating Gen I, so it will have to start introducing new mechanics in July to keep fans engaged.

We know from trademark discoveries that the next several Japanese sets should be headlined by the remaining Paradox Pokemon. It’s likely the mysteries of Paradox Pokemon and the Terastral phenomenon will be explored in the upcoming DLCs. The TCG has probably been holding Paradox Pokemon back because they will get bigger roles then.

We should see Raging Surf officially revealed in the next week or two. It’ll likely become part of our August / September set.