“Ancient Roar,” “Future Flash,” “Shiny Treasure” Set Names Trademarked!

Three additional trademarks have been filed by Pokemon: Ancient Roar (古代の咆哮), Future Flash (未来の一閃), and Shiny Treasure (シャイニートレジャー). They’re under the same terms as trademarks used for set names in the past. This is following yesterday’s discovery of Ruler of the Black Flame.

Ancient Roar and Future Flash sound like they will be a dual set about Paradox Pokemon. Depending on when they release, they could tie-in to the first Scarlet & Violet DLC releasing in the fall.

Shiny Treasure sounds like it’s Japan’s annual “High Class Pack” set that releases in November or December. These sets feature shiny Pokemon every two to three years. The last shiny set was Shiny Star V in 2020 (our Shining Fates set). Furthermore, the names for “High Class Pack” sets are usually written in katakana — as is the case here. Japan uses katakana for foreign words like English, which makes the set names sound extra “fancy” to Japanese audiences.

It’s unusual for four trademarks to be released simultaneously, as this would usually imply all four sets are releasing around the same time. In the past, trademarks are usually filed at least a month apart. And we usually discover them four to six months before they go into use. It sounds like there was a “dump” of filings this time, meaning we won’t be able to predict the release months of these sets right now.

January 20th saw the release of the first Gen 9 sets: Scarlet ex and Violet ex.

March 10th will see the release of the first Scarlet & Violet subset named Triplet Beat.

We previously discovered trademarks for Snow Hazard and Clay Burst, which we think may feature Chien-Pao and Ting-Lu. They are confirmed to release on April 14th.

Raging Surf should release around May. It could feature either Tatsugiri and Dondozo or Gholdengo.

Pokemon Card 151 is confirmed to release on June 16th. It’s expected to feature the first 151 Pokemon, including Kadabra.

New “ex Starter Decks” will release on July 7th featuring eight different Pokemon ex, such as Clefable ex and Victini ex.

And then we have Ruler of the Black Flame, Ancient Roar, Future Flash, and Shiny Treasure.