“Pokemon Card 151” Set Announced for June, New “ex Starter Decks” in July!

According to distributor listings, June 16th will see the release of a new Japanese set called Pokemon Card 151. This will be yet another “Strengthening Expansion Pack” set, which means it’ll be a subset like Battle Region, Dark Phantasma, and Pokemon GO.

The set will feature 165 cards before secret rares. Each booster box will come with 20 packs for 5,800 yen.

Perhaps it should go without saying, but the name implies the set will feature the original 151 Pokemon. This would include Kadabra too, if so!

Releasing alongside the set will be a “Poke Ball Card File Set” and a “Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise Card File Set.” Each will contain five booster packs of the set and three promos.

A Mew deck box and Mew card sleeves will also release alongside the set.

New “ex Starter Decks” will release on July 7th. Each deck will focus on a Pokemon type. This includes:

  • Decidueye ex (Grass)
  • Victini ex (Fire)
  • Greninja ex (Water)
  • Miraidon ex (Lightning)
  • Clefable ex (Psychic)
  • Koraidon ex (Fighting)
  • Houndoom ex (Darkness)
  • Melmetal ex (Metal)

As we previously reported, Japan will then see the release of its first Scarlet & Violet subset named Triplet Beat. This will be a “Strengthening Expansion Pack” set. It’ll release on March 10th.

We previously discovered trademarks for Snow Hazard and Clay Burst, which we we speculated could be referring to Chien-Pao and Ting-Lu of the “Treasures of Ruin” Legendaries.

A trademark for a Raging Surf set was also discovered.