Miriam Full Art, Scovillian and Mabosstiff Illustrator Rares Revealed!

Miriam is the first full art Supporter to be revealed from Scarlet ex and Violet ex!

New “Illustrator Rares” of Scovillian and Mabosstiff have also been revealed.

We’ll see the rest of the set’s secret rares within the next few days. The set will release in Japan this Friday and overseas on March 31st.


Even if they are cheaper, aren’t they just good to pull

I got 3 booster boxes for Lost Origin. 1st Box? RR Serena. 2nd Box? RR Serena. Third Box? RR Serena... only for a regular Serena to pop out in my last few packs. I was just pissed until I finally got one at the end. RR Pokemon? I think they improved the horrible 5ban shit show. Trainers? Was a god damn sacrilege because most trainer artworks have had time and care to be drawn, not just 3d prints.

N's Rhyperior

Pokebeach's The Rhyperior = YouTube's N
I've seen someone got SIR Miriam on Twitter, and I bet it'll be more expensive than the regular FA ones.


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It's a pretty safe bet the highest rarity will be the most valuable now that we've left behind the days of slapping a lazy gradient on top of the lower rarity full art.