140+ ‘Shiny Star V’ Secret Rares, Including Gold Eternatus V!

Japanese fans are beginning to open their Shiny Star V packs and posting their pulls on social media! Tonight’s all about the set’s 140 secret rares, which are mostly shiny Pokemon!

The set’s 190+ regular cards were officially revealed by Pokemon a few weeks ago. As posted before, most of the cards in this set are reprints with new artwork (including the secret rares). The set only has a total of 14 new cards.

The cards from Shiny Star V will become part of our special 4.5 set in February — some, like shiny Charizard V, have already been released in English! We’ll have more information on our English set in the next week or two, so stay tuned!

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Update #3 (Tuesday, 8:00 PM): God packs have been confirmed for the set, as with TAG All Stars! Each god pack come with a full spread of secret rare cards. We don’t know how rare they are yet. Thanks goes to @yukkuriyun for the photo!

Update #4 (Wednesday, 8:00 AM): Replaced all the social media images with ones from online store Pokeca!

Full Arts (#191-199)

All the full arts were officially revealed over the last week:

Shiny Pokemon (#200-303)

Update #2 (7:30 AM, Wednesday): After a full night of collecting their images, all Shiny Pokemon have now been revealed!

Shiny Pokemon V (#304-330)

Update #1 (8:10 PM): All the shiny Pokemon V have now been revealed!