‘God Packs’ Confirmed for ‘TAG All Stars!’

Earlier today, there were unconfirmed reports from Twitter users who claimed they opened some very unusual TAG All Stars booster packs. According to them, they opened packs containing ten secret rare cards!

We can now confirm that these packs do indeed exist for TAG All Stars! Trusted collectors in the community personally opened some of the packs.

In Magic the Gathering, packs like these are called “god packs.” When Magic has chosen to print them, they are incredibly rare — one pack out of every six to 20 booster box cases (it’s hard to find reliable stats).

We’re not yet sure how often you’ll be able to get these within Pokemon’s booster boxes, but they’ll probably be more common than Magic‘s. Update: It appears that you can pull one out of every 250 booster packs.

It’s unlikely these will come to our English booster packs since our sets are configured differently.

Thanks goes to staff member Tunu for the heads-up on this story!

Check out this news story to see all the secret rare cards from the set. There’s 53 of them, which is unusually high.