Live Updates: ‘Pokemon Sword & Shield’ 24-Hour Livestream — Galarian Ponyta!

Pokemon’s 24-hour livestream for Pokemon Sword & Shield has begun! The “footage” comes from Glimwood Tangle, a mysterious forest in Galar.

Updates will be posted here and on my Twitter throughout the stream:

  • 6:00 AM: Livestream started.
  • 6:05 AM: Pikachu appeared, then ran off (image #1 below).
  • 6:10 AM: A group of Morelull popped up (image #2).
  • 6:38 AM: Phantump’s cry was heard (update: and it was later seen).
  • 6:54 AM: Swirlix spotted floated through the air (image #3).
  • 6:59 AM: So far there is no pattern to when Pokemon are seen or heard. With the infrequency of appearances so far (3 seen in the past hour, 1 heard), it really does seem like the stream will go for 24 hours.
  • 7:03 AM: A gray tail was seen behind a rock, then disappeared (image #4). The tail popped up once or twice but I missed it.
  • 7:37 AM: This is so boring, make it stahppppp. Something happen!
  • 8:29 AM: Impidimp spotted! (Image #5)
  • 8:49 AM: An unknown Pokemon appeared on the right side of the screen then disappeared (image #6). It was partially obscured by the foliage.
  • 10:35 AM: Once in a while they’ve been playing a galloping sound effect. There may be some kind of horse / unicorn / Pegasus-type Pokemon to reveal.
  • 11:28 AM: Horse neighing sounds were heard.
  • 12:00 PM: Ponyta’s cry heard.
  • 12:52 PM: Shiinotic spotted (image #7).
  • 1:56 PM: Impidimp photobombed the camera (image #8). In the background, you can see a new white Pokemon. Perhaps the one with the tail earlier?
  • 4:20 PM: The white Pokemon that was behind Impidimp showed up again (images #9 and #10 below). It was accompanied by horse breathing and galloped away. Its mane can “turn on” and glow in a rainbow shine (which may cause some people to think it’s not the same Pokemon from earlier, since before it was just white and wasn’t glowing). Perhaps it’s a Galarian Ponyta that’s part-Fairy, or some new horse-esque Pokemon? /speculation It seems to be the same Pokemon that was running on the right side of the screen at 8:49 AM. If so, this probably means the whole livestream is to reveal this Pokemon. Perhaps more will pop up, though.
  • 4:29 PM: The horse galloped up close passed the camera (images #12-14 below).
  • 7:07 PM: I’m just posting to say that we’re now over half way through the stream — and I’m still watching it — but nothing of note has been revealed since my last update. I might be wrong, but I think they’re now repeating each “scene” in a different order. So maybe the rest of the stream will be repeating content and there won’t be anything else. We’ll see! I’d love to go out to celebrate my birthday and get some sleep! :p
  • 7:38 PM: Nevermind, new footage of the new Pokemon was just seen. It walked up to the camera and we got a blurred look at its face and tail (images #15-18 below).
  • 8:22 PM: The shadow of the new Pokemon was spotted (image #19 below).
  • 8:54 PM: Impidimp breathed hard on the camera right before the new Pokemon galloped by, giving us a blurred look at it (image #20).
  • 9:40 PM: The clearest look yet at the new Pokemon as it ran by the camera! Galarian Ponyta? Fairy-type?
  • 11:07 PM: The new Pokemon just walked slowly and modeled for us!
  • (I fell asleep around 5 AM because there had been nothing new for six hours. I lived through 23 hours of this stream! XD)
  • 7:00 AM updates: The Pokemon is definitely Galarian Ponyta because it was accompanied by Ponyta’s cry. We’ve heard Ponyta’s cry throughout the stream too.
  • Two of them came out to play! (First image below, or see the video in my Tweet here.) The one on the left nuzzled itself against the one on the right, causing the left one’s mane to glow. The one on the right does not have a tail (second image below), which might indicate a gender difference.
  • Toward the very end of the stream, Rapidash’s cry was heard.

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