More on Pidgeotto Control ⁠— 2nd Place at Atlantic City and Still Looking Strong

Hello everyone! This is Grant Manley here, this time coming off a second-place finish at the first US Regional of the season. I played Pidgeotto Control, one of the decks I wrote about in my last article, but with a twist. On the Thursday night before the tournament, my friend, Chip, suggested playing Jirachi in the deck. With no time to test, as Friday was spent in the car, we actually decided to include four copies of Jirachi. Up until that point, I fully intended on playing the 60 cards that I posted in my last article. Today I want to go over Pidgeotto Control a bit more in-depth. I more or less scratched the surface last time because I also discussed my pet deck that was essentially just Shedinja / Beast Box, which I still think has merit.

Jirachi in Pidgeotto Control

After playing the Jirachi version of Pidgeotto Control, I strongly believe that it is the superior version of the deck. I also really like the 60 cards that I chose to play in Atlantic City, and I think that’s the optimal 60 going forward. Here’s the list:

Pokemon (19)

4x Oranguru (ULP #114)4x Pidgeotto (TEU #123)3x Pidgey (TEU #122)1x Pidgey (TEU #121)4x Jirachi (PRSM #SM161)1x Ditto Prism Star (LOT #154)2x Articuno-GX (CES #31)

Trainers (37)

4x Professor Elm's Lecture (LOT #188)2x Mars (ULP #128)2x Lt. Surge's Strategy (UNB #178)2x Tate and Liza (CES #148)1x Jessie and James (HIF #58)1x Cynthia (ULP #119)4x Pokégear 3.0 (UNB #182)4x Acro Bike (CES #123)4x Crushing Hammer (ULP #166)3x Custom Catcher (LOT #171)2x Reset Stamp (UNM #206)2x Chip-Chip Ice Axe (UNB #165)2x Pal Pad (ULP #132)1x Escape Board (ULP #122)3x Power Plant (UNB #183)

Energy (4)

1x Recycle Energy (UNM #212)3x Water Energy (XY #134)

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