Updates on Upcoming Japanese Releases: Hisuian Zoroark, Gallade, VMAX Pokemon, and More!

We’ve received more information about upcoming Japanese sets and products.

Dark Phantasma will see the release of a deck box and card sleeves featuring Hisuian Zoroark, which means it will indeed be the mascot of the set. We will see it as both a Pokemon V and VSTAR. The set will release on May 13th. The set name is thus referring to Zoroark’s phantom illusions.

As we already knew, Lost Abyss will feature Giratina’s Origin Forme; we’ll see it as both a Pokemon V and VSTAR. We’ve now learned the set will release on July 15th. We haven’t seen the set’s product sheet yet, so we’re still waiting to see if it will feature the Lost Zone (as the name implies).

The above sets will also feature Enamorus and Gallade as Pokemon V and/or VSTAR. We’re not sure which Pokemon belong to which set. Dark Phantasma and Lost Abyss will likely be used for our SWSH11 Lost Origin set in August.

We’ve received the product sheet for the High Class decks featuring Zeraora and Deoxys. It confirms the decks will feature Deoxys V, Deoxys VMAX, Deoxys VSTAR, Zeraora V, Zeraora VMAX, and Zeraora VSTAR. The product sheet says you can evolve their Pokemon V into either the VMAX or VSTAR Pokemon to use different strategies in battle.

The product sheet also vaguely implies the decks may include secret rares like the Inteleon and Gengar VMAX High Class Decks. Each 60-card deck will release on July 15th for 2,700 yen. They’ll come with a coin, a VSTAR marker, damage counters, condition markers, and a player’s guide.

Other Japanese sets releasing later this year include Incandescent Arcana and Paradigm Trigger, both of which we should see between August and October. We only know about these sets because of trademark listings.

Japan may also get its usual High Class set in the winter, especially since they’re going to need a way to release our prerelease promos. Then they will probably get their first Scarlet and Violet sets around December, which will then release in America in February 2023.

Thanks goes to Bangiras for the translations!