VMAX Pokemon Appear to Return in Upcoming Japanese Decks, More “Lost Abyss” Products!

Japanese distributors are now listing new products that indicate VMAX Pokemon will make an appearance in the future.

Similar to the Gengar and Inteleon High Class Decks, two new High Class decks featuring Zeraora and Deoxys will release alongside Japan’s Lost Abyss. They are named “VSTAR & VMAX High Class Deck Zeraora” and “VSTAR & VMAX High Class Deck Deoxys.” As you can see, the titles indicate the decks will see the return of VMAX Pokemon.

However, this should not be taken as indication VMAX Pokemon are returning in general. The decks may simply feature alternate art reprints of old VMAX Pokemon or, at best, “guest appearances” of just a few new VMAX cards. These High Class decks target more advanced players, who are still playing in tournaments where VMAX Pokemon are legal. Also, distributors occasionally modify product titles to catch information leakers, which we’ve seen as recently as two months ago. So don’t get too excited yet!

Releasing alongside Lost Abyss will be a new deck box and set of card sleeves featuring Giratina. This is now our first confirmation the set features Giratina. As we previously speculated, the set name could be indicating the return of the Lost Zone as well.

Lost Abyss will also see the release of a “V & V STAR Promo Pack” featuring eight booster packs of the set, a VSTAR marker, and one of three promo packs that includes a Pokemon V promo and a Pokemon VSTAR promo.

Similar to the Glaceon and Leafeon VSTAR sets, a new “VSTAR Special Set” has also been listed. We don’t yet know what VSTAR Pokemon it will feature.

Currently Lost Abyss has different releases dates from different distributors, but we believe it will release in June. We will then get the cards from the set in August’s Lost Origin set.

As usual, this is all preliminary information and subject to change.