‘Sky Stream,’ ‘Towering Perfection,’ and Mewtwo/Greninja/Zacian ‘V-Union Bundles’ Revealed!

We’ve received the first teaser information for several upcoming Japanese products!

S7D Towering Perfection and S7R Sky Stream will be Japan’s next dual sets! They will release on July 9th. Each set will feature 67 cards before secret rares. Towering Perfection will feature Duraludon V/VMAX and focus on Single Strike cards while Sky Stream will feature Rayquaza V/VMAX and focus on Rapid Strike cards.

 Towering Perfection Sky Stream V Union

On July 30th, a “Mewtwo V-Union Bundle,” “Greninja V-Union Bundle,” and “Zacian V-Union Bundle” will release for 1,650 yen each. They will introduce the V-Union mechanic to the TCG!

Each bundle will come with a 4-card V-union promo set featuring either Mewtwo, Greninja, or Zacian. This will include a promo card that supports V-Union cards. Each bundle will also come with three booster packs of both Sky Stream and Towering Perfection.

“V-Union” is described as a new card type like Pokemon V and Pokemon VMAX. No other information was revealed though. We already knew through English product listings that V-Union would be a new mechanic, but we still don’t have details about it.

We first discovered the trademarks for V-Union, Eevee Heroes, Towering Perfection, and Sky Stream last December. The Eevee Heroes set will release on May 28th. We also know about upcoming TCG trademarks for VSTAR, VMAX Climax, and Fusion Arts.

Thanks goes to Bangiras and Franco T. for the translations!

Update: One more product! A new version of the “Pokemon TCG Family Box Set” will also release on July 9th! It will feature decks of Cinderace V, Pikachu V, and Tyranitar V. The last one was released in March 2019, pictured below.