V-Union Confirmed as Card Mechanic; V-Union and More 25th Anniversary Boxes in 2021!

The “V-UNION” trademark is indeed referring to a new TCG mechanic!

We can now reveal a new “V-Union Premium Box” will release for the English TCG on September 24th, 2021. Placeholder names for products always use mechanics in the titles, like “V Boxes” and “VMAX Boxes,” so this confirms “V-Union” will be a new mechanic.

Last week I reported about a 25th anniversary set releasing on October 8th, 2021. We’ve now learned the set will see the release of a “V-Union Box,” meaning it will be the second product of 2021 to feature it.

Since trademarks usually go into use around six months after they’re discovered, the Japanese TCG may introduce the V-Union mechanic around late spring or early summer. This lines up with the English TCG getting V-Union boxes in the fall.

In related news, we’ve learned the 25th anniversary set will see the release of one of the most expensive items ever: a $120 box. We don’t have a placeholder title for the box yet or know what it will contain.

Thus we can report the 25th anniversary set will see the release of an Elite Trainer Box, a V-Union Box, a VMAX Figure Collection, a V Premium Collection, a Collector’s Chest, Mini Tins, Pin Boxes, and the $120 box. There are still no booster boxes or packs listed for the set, so it’s definitely another special set.

We haven’t seen VSTAR appear in the placeholder titles of any English products through November 2021. This could indicate it’s just a Japanese set name, especially since it was revealed before V-Union (which already has two products next year). VSTAR also didn’t include a logo in its trademark application, unlike applications for past TCG mechanics like the Fairy-type and V-Union.