Three More Potential Sets Discovered: Eevee Heroes, Sky Stream, Towering Perfection

We have discovered three more trademarks that are likely for future Pokemon TCG sets: Eevee Heroes (イーブイヒーローズ), Sky Stream (蒼空ストリーム), and Towering Perfection (摩天パーフェクト).

These trademarks are filed under the same scope as past trademarks for set names, so these are likely upcoming Pokemon TCG sets. Trademarks are usually discovered five to six months in advance. If precedent holds true, these sets would start to release around June.

This is another case of three trademarks being filed at the same time, which we’ve only seen one other time with Matchless Fighter (双璧のファイター), Silver Lance (白銀のランス), and Jet-Black Spirit (漆黒のガイスト). We’re not sure why they keep getting revealed “in bulk” instead of individually, which is how trademarks used to be filed. Matchless Fighter has already been revealed as March’s set ahead of Silver Lance and Jet-Black Spirit, which will likely be Japan’s sets for April or May.

Thanks goes to Bangiras for the translations!