Creatures Announcing New “Battle Style Pokemon V” This Week

We’re not really sure if this should be a news story, but Creatures has announced they will be revealing an image of a new “Battle Style” Pokemon V on Tuesday. They will be revealing it through a special YouTube presentation, which is unusual.

Because of early product listings we know the next set is Single Strike Master & Rapid Strike Master — a dual set — which both feature Urshifu.

Early product descriptions for the sets mentioned they would feature “Single Strike” and “Rapid Strike” cards, but we interpreted this as a vague reference to Urshifu in both its formes. Early product descriptions are purposefully vague to cause excitement. But since Creatures is doing a special video and making a pre-announcement, could this “Battle Style” be something more? Or is it just going to be reveals of Urshifu V and VMAX in both its formes?

It might be too early for Creatures to reveal the V-Union mechanic or VSTAR. If precedent holds true, those would be revealed in the next four to six months, judging by when the trademarks were discovered. This is assuming history holds true.