Official Teaser Info for ‘Single & Rapid Strike Master,’ Next Set in March!

We now have the official teaser information for Japan’s S5I Single Strike Master and S5R Rapid Strike Master! As was obvious, each set will feature an Urshifu V / VMAX in its respective form. If you buy a booster box of either set, you’ll get a Pokemon V promo with alternate art (like usual). But you’ll also get a voucher to receive a free booster pack of the next Sword & Shield set, which will release in March.

The images repeat what we’ve posted before. Each set will feature 70 cards. Shiny Star V releases on November 20th. On December 4th there will be two 60-card decks featuring Blastoise VMAX and Venusaur VMAX. The rest of the information is fluff.

As posted earlier today, there will be a Premium Trainer Box releasing alongside each set. While the earlier product description mentioned something about holo “UV” cards, it turns out this was just shorthand for “Urshifu V” (who is named Wulaosu in Japanese). The boxes will include holo Urshifu V promos, but they’ll be different from the ones in the sets.

There will also be various TCG accessories releasing alongside the set, as usual:


Thanks goes to Arantxa T. and Bangiras for helping translate the information for this story!