‘Eevee Heroes’ TCG Set to Feature All Eeveelutions as Pokemon V, Plus Gengar / Inteleon VMAX Decks!

We’ve received teaser information for S6a Eevee Heroes, the set we discovered through trademarks several months ago! It will feature 69 cards and release on May 28th.

It will feature all eight Eevee Evolutions as Pokemon V — Vaporeon V, Jolteon V, Flareon V, Espeon V, Umbreon V, Glaceon V, Leafeon V, and Sylveon V! Presumably Sylveon V will be Psychic since Fairy is gone.

Four Eeveelutions will also appear as Pokemon VMAX!

There will be many more Special Art cards in the set.

The set will also feature other Pokemon V, Pokemon VMAX, and continue to feature Single and Rapid Strike cards.


Also releasing on May 28th will be four different versions of a bundle set named “VMAX Special Set – Eevee Heroes.” Each will come with one of four Eeveelution VMAX promos, eight booster packs, and three Energy cards. They will retail for 1,870 yen.

Since four of Eevee’s Evolutions get VMAX cards in the main set, these bundles could have the other four (unless they’re alternate art reprints of the ones from the set).

And finally, May 28th will also see the release of two “High Class Decks” featuring Gengar VMAX or Inteleon VMAX! Each deck will retail for 2,700 yen and come with the usual goods. They will also come bundled together in a “Double Box” for 6,600 yen, which will include bonus promo versions of Tyranitar V and Empoleon V from Battle Styles. The decks will feature Single and Rapid Strike cards.

Update: As pointed out by our commenters, Gengar VMAX will be Darkness-type to represent its Poison typing from the video games! This is the first time Gengar has been anything other than Psychic. Inteleon VMAX will be Water-type.

Rilaboom VMAX and Cinderace VMAX were announced a while ago. They’ll be released as part of a Matchless Fighters booster box promotion.

The cards from Eevee Heroes should become part of our August set. Thanks goes to Arantxa T. for the translations!

Related: we also know about upcoming TCG trademarks for V-Union; VSTAR; two upcoming sets named Sky Stream and Towering Perfection; and Fusion Arts. Presumably Sky Stream and Towering Perfection will follow Eevee Heroes.