Full Details: McDonald’s 25th Anniversary Pokemon TCG Promotion!

The McDonald’s Pokemon promotion has started at some locations! Depending on your store, it will start between today and next Friday.

You will receive a Pikachu envelope numbered one through four. Each envelope contains one of four “toys” and a 4-card booster pack.

Envelope #1 comes with a cardboard deck box. There is a deck box for each generation of Starter Pokemon:


Envelope #2 comes with a set of 25 stickers for each Starter Pokemon:

Envelope #3 comes with a cardboard and plastic card holder featuring Pikachu:


And envelope #4 comes with four larger stickers of one generation of Starter Pokemon plus Pikachu.

The 4-card booster packs feature artwork of Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and Pikachu on the cover. Each booster pack contains one holo card and three non-holo cards.

As posted before, there are 25 cards in the set — one for each Starter Pokemon plus Pikachu. Each card is available in both holo and non-holo versions. They are all reprinted cards but with a special 25th anniversary stamp.

Out of 20 booster packs, my friend Christian A. pulled the following cards. Pikachu was the rarest to pull from his packs, though this is a relatively small sample size.


Out of ten McDonald’s I called or visited in Los Angeles today, two are starting their promotion tomorrow morning, most are starting Tuesday, and some are starting Friday. It depends on each restaurant. There doesn’t seem to be a hard start date.

Each Pokemon envelope costs $2. Some restaurants will allow you to purchase them separately while others will require you to purchase a Happy Meal to get them. Some will also have restrictions on how many you can purchase.

You should call your McDonald’s ahead of time to check when they’re starting their promotion and if you can purchase the envelopes separately. It’s likely many locations will start to implement restrictions once they’re inundated by fans.

Oddly, TPCi has not yet acknowledged or advertised this promotion. Most stores have been advertising it for over a week: