First ‘Chilling Reign’ Product Images Revealed!

TPCi has officially revealed the next English set, Chilling Reign, which we first posted about several weeks ago.

The set will include eight Pokemon VMAX, 15 Pokemon V, 26 full art Pokemon V, 28 Trainer cards, 13 full art Supporter cards, and three new Special Energy cards. There will be over 190 cards.

This is one of the few times a set has featured five different booster pack designs. The last time was for Sun & Moon.

As with Battle Styles, there will be no theme decks for Chilling Reign, further evidence that theme decks are gone.

With 28 Trainer cards, Chilling Reign has a number of Trainer cards more similar to a base set like Sword & Shield than a typical summer set. For comparison, Rebel Clash was approximately 9% Trainer cards, whereas both Sword & Shield and Chilling Reign approach 15%.

Chilling Reign will most likely be comprised of the Japanese sets S5a Matchless Fighter, S6h Silver Lance, and S6k Jet-Black Spirit. The twin S6 sets have yet to be fully revealed, but based on what we know about them so far, it’s likely three Pokemon V and one Pokemon VMAX will be bumped from Chilling Reign to our August set or the 25th anniversary set in October.

Chilling Reign will release June 18th.