Actual 25th Anniversary Set in Fall 2021, Other Products for 2021!

We can now reveal a 25th anniversary set will release in fall 2021! We’ve had its product listings for two months, but were asked to withhold posting a story until they appeared publicly online.

The set has several products listed with “25th” in the placeholder names. This include an Elite Trainer Box, a Premium Collection, a Collector’s Chest, a VMAX Figure Collection, Mini Tins, and two other boxes.

Whereas XY: Evolutions was a regular set, this set does not have any booster boxes or blister packs listed, which indicates it’s another special set. The products will release on October 8th. This is a month before SWSH 8, further indicating it’s a special set (TPCi wouldn’t release two regular sets next to each other).

We also have the release dates for the remaining sets in the year, some of which we posted before. SWSH 5 releases on March 19th, SWSH 6 releases on June 18th, SWSH 7 releases on August 27th, and SWSH 8 releases on November 12th. As stated earlier this year, our set schedule was going to go off the rails for 2021 and then return to a normal pattern for the August set.

These are other special products releasing later in 2021 (we posted the first half of the year a while ago):

  • August 6th: V Box
  • August 27th: VMAX Box
  • September 3rd: Fall V Tins
  • September 25th: V Box, Premium V Box, Casual Tins
  • October 8th: Battle Deck V
  • October 22nd: Tin Cube
  • October 28th: Starter Kit
  • November 12th: V Box, V League Battle Deck
  • November 19th: VMAX Box

As usual, all of this information is limited, preliminary, and subject to change.

What do you think the 25th anniversary set will include?! The first Pokemon set was released in Japan in October 1996. Whereas Shining Fates is to celebrate the anniversary of the franchise (like Generations), this special set will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the TCG (like Evolutions).