Pokemon TCG Product Lineup Through May — Shifting Set Releases, New Products!

We can now reveal the preliminary list of Pokemon’s product lineup through next May!

We’ve been sitting on this (changing) list for several weeks because we wanted to wait for solidified release dates. However, the products are now being posted online, so there’s no point in waiting now! As usual, this is preliminary information and subject to change.

New products include a new “V Battle Deck,” “V Battle Style Box,” and a “VMAX Battle Box.”

One of the reasons we wanted to wait to post this was because it appears our fifth Sword & Shield set will not be releasing in February. If true, this would mean this is the first time we’re skipping a regular set release. It seems Pokemon is dedicating February to our special 4.5 set.

This was already hinted by the “4.5” placeholder name of the special set. SWSH 4 is Vivid Voltage in November, so a SWSH 5 set would have released on February 5th. But 4.5’s release date is February 19th. So if it were following a SWSH 5 set, it would have been named “5.5.”

So far we’ve seen SWSH 5 shifting between March and May, so we’re not sure when it’s coming out. We’ve also been told SWSH 6 may release earlier in the summer than usual. However, the set calendar will apparently resume its normal release schedule later in the year.

The V Box currently listed for May will feature Alakazam V.

There are no other GX Boxes releasing through the end of 2020, so we’re still not sure how that full art Jirachi-GX will release.

Again, this list is still changing, so stay tuned!

SWSH 4.5 Elite Trainer Box
SWSH 4.5 Pin Collection
SWSH 4.5 V Box
Spring V Tins
V Tins
February V Battle Deck
February V Battle Deck Bundle

V Battle Style Box
March Collector’s Chest
VMAX Battle Box

Between March and May
SWSH 5 Booster
SWSH 5 1-Pack Blister
SWSH 5 Kiosk Blister Display
SWSH 5 3-Pack Blister
SWSH 5 Checklane Blister
SWSH 5 Mini Binder with Booster
SWSH 5 Elite Trainer Box

By Summer
Q1 PokeBall Tin
Mini Tins
VMAX Premium Box
League Battle Deck
May V Battle Deck
May V Box
Trainer’s Toolkit
Summer V Tins