Leftover ‘Sun & Moon’ Full Arts Releasing in English!

A backend update has just been pushed to PTCGO, revealing that some of the unreleased full arts from the Sun & Moon series will be released in English! Discovered within the program’s files are the full art version of Jirachi-GX from Unified Minds and special art version of Togepi and Cleffa and Igglybuff-GX from Cosmic Eclipse. Thanks goes to Immewnity for finding them!


The program doesn’t list where the cards come from, so we don’t know how they’ll release in English yet. They have a copyright of 2020 and they’re “A” alternate art promos, so they may be bundled into an upcoming collection box. We’ll find out soon!

Back in March we posted preliminary information that a “Premium GX Box” would release on November 1st (along with some other product information). As expected, a lot of that information changed over time, so we’re not sure if a GX box is still in the cards.

The following are the remaining Sun & Moon series full arts that have yet to be released in English. Pokemon’s 25th anniversary is coming up in February, so perhaps we’ll see some of them next year, like the full arts of Red, Green, and Blue.