Inteleon and Rillaboom VMAX Decks — Sorry Cinderace

I originally didn’t identify Inteleon VMAX and Rillaboom VMAX as viable cards in my review. However, while playing with them for fun, I believe there is hope for both of them!

Let’s address the elephant in the room: Cinderace VMAX. While the Fire-type is cool and all, it’s nowhere near as strong as its rivals. Counter is a cute but miserable attack. Max Pyro Ball is underpowered and costs too many Energy to be a viable attack in competitive play. Welder accelerates things, but if I’m using Welder in a deck I’d rather give up one or two Prizes than three with this Pokemon VMAX. If you’re set on awarding such a bounty, Mewtwo and Mew-GX should be the attacker for you; plus Cinderace VMAX is a “Stage-1” Pokemon. Inteleon VMAX and Rillaboom VMAX are also “Stage-1” Pokemon but they’re solid to the point where that matters not.

Inteleon VMAX is going to be a bit of a control deck, Hydro Snipe moves Energy back into your opponent’s hand and you can make this more oppressive with Team Yell Grunt and other disruption cards. Max Bullet finishes things off and with a single Energy for the attack cost, you don’t have to ask for much. Rillaboom VMAX is the opposite, all offense. Max Beating swings for 280 damage at a maximum, enough to take out most relevant Pokemon, save other Pokemon VMAX. The big thing though is the pairing with Rillaboom and its Voltage Beat Ability. You’ll be able to churn out extra Energy and keep the ball rolling. The major downside is you’re going to get wrecked by anything Fire-type.

So why these guys? They both bring two vastly different strategies to the table compared to Dragapult VMAX and Toxtricity VMAX that I have previously covered. It’s exciting to have so many viable Pokemon VMAX out all at once! Inteleon VMAX and Rillaboom VMAX are truly two sides to a coin, one defensive and the other strictly offensive. Let’s take a look at my current lists for each and talk about the cards!

Inteleon VMAX Deck List

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