Planning a Rebellion — The Rebel Clash Blueprint

Time to look at Rebel Clash! The set list dropped here on PokeBeach, so it’s time to dive in and get better acquainted with the cards. This set welcomes multiple Pokemon that will make up competitive archetypes in the future. The Trainer pool is among the best in recent memory and they will change the face of the game without any doubt. This article will be a primer of all the best cards—contrasting their value in both formats. I hope you enjoy, this set looks good!


One of the best cards in the set is Eldegoss V. Tapu Lele-GX is a thing of the past—Happy March is better once you have Supporter cards in the discard pile. It’s a searchable VS Seeker! There are a few new “tech” Supporter cards in Rebel Clash that you will be able to get by with a lower count in your deck because of this card. Eldegoss V is great late-game consistency for nearly every deck.

Will it be in meta decks? I expect at least one in almost every deck for Standard; exceptions include non-Pokemon-GX/Pokemon V decks looking to avoid putting multiple-Prize Pokemon into play. In Expanded it will be less popular (VS Seeker exists), but might see some play.

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