‘Pokemon TCG: Battle Academy’ Product Images Revealed!

We now have the first images of the “Pokemon TCG: Battle Academy” product, which we first announced a month ago.

As you can see, it’s based on the “Pokemon TCG Family Box” that was released in Japan on March 15th, 2019. The product was intended to teach families how to play the Pokemon TCG through three decks each featuring two Pokemon-GX.

Our English product will come with decks featuring Charizard-GX, Mewtwo-GX, Raichu-GX, a playmat, a deck box, a guide, an oversized coin, damage counters, and a PTCGO code card.

The product will release on July 31st in America and Europe. It will retail for a projected $19.99.

At this time, we are unsure how many decks our English product will include. We also don’t know if they will match the Japanese product’s; the English packaging doesn’t advertise the other Pokemon-GX from the original.

Recently, an unreleased Aipom SM244 promo was found in PTCGO. Since this product is featuring cards from the Sun & Moon era, perhaps TPCi will release that Aipom through this product?

Thanks goes to our friend Tim for the heads-up on this story!