August’s English Set: ‘Darkness Ablaze,’ Plus Two New Types of Products!

The name of our next English set will be Darkness Ablaze!

As its name suggests, the set will be based on Eruption Walker featuring Centiskorch VMAX and Japan’s upcoming set World Down featuring Eternatus VMAX. (The set was recently renamed to Infinity Zone due to coronavirus.) We should also see the cards from Japan’s Charizard VMAX and Grimmsnarl VMAX decks.

Darkess Ablaze will release on August 14th. This is one week later than usual for a set release. This would have lined up with the dates of Worlds 2020, so it’s unknown if all our August sets will do so in the future so they somehow tie into the event. Or perhaps TPCi is moving set releases to the second week of the month from now on. We’re not sure yet!

Along with the set name, two new types of set products were revealed.

A “Darkness Ablaze Premium Checklane Blister Pack” will retail for about a dollar more than a regular checklane blister. Checklane blisters always come with one booster pack, a promo card, and a coin (pictured right). We’re not sure how the “premium” version will differ, but it will obviously come with an extra goodie like a pin or promo.

There will also be a new “Darkness Ablaze 2-Pack Blister.” It will obviously come with two booster packs and other goodies or promos. For some reason, preliminary listings show it’s a little cheaper than the $3.99 it costs for one of the set mini-albums with a booster pack. But this doesn’t make sense, as the price would be far too cheap for two booster packs (not to mention it will obviously come with extra goodies). So we’re not sure what’s going on with this product yet.

As usual, Darkness Ablaze will also see the release of a 3-pack blister, a 1-pack checklane blister, theme decks, an Elite Trainer Box, and a mini-album with a booster pack.