Meowth-V, Evolution Incense, Bede, and New Version of Quick Ball!

Finally some news!

A new Meowth-V promo will be given out to those who participate in sealed deck tournaments in Japan on December 14th and 15th. The tournaments will use the five “Starter Set V Decks” that are releasing on November 29th.

Meowth-V – Colorless – HP180
Basic Pokemon

[C] Pay Day: 30 damage. Draw a card.

[C][C][C] Slashing Claw: 130 damage.

When your Pokemon-V is Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

Weakness: Fighting (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 2

Three new cards were revealed from the V Decks, including a new version of Quick Ball that is completely unlike the original.

Quick Ball – Trainer

You must discard 1 card from your hand in order to play this card. Search your deck for a Basic Pokemon, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.

You may play as many Item cards as you like during your turn (before your attack).

The original Quick Ball was last printed in 2008’s Majestic Dawn. Its effect was: “Reveal cards from your deck until you reveal a Pokemon. Show that Pokemon to your opponent and put it into your hand. Shuffle the other revealed cards back into your deck. (If you don’t reveal a Pokemon, shuffle all the revealed cards back into your deck.)”

Evolution Incense – Trainer

Search your deck for an Evolution Pokemon, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.

You may play as many Item cards as you like during your turn (before your attack).

Bede – Trainer

Attach a Basic Energy card from your hand to 1 of your Benched Pokemon.

You may play only 1 Supporter card during your turn (before your attack).

It was also revealed that the Sword & Shield era will have new artwork for Basic Energy cards. Only Fire Energy was revealed so far:

Thanks goes to Bangiras for the translations!

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  1. BrianFrobey Aspiring Trainer


    All 3 of these trainers are amazing. Holy power creep.
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  2. TatsuyaOrimuta Aspiring Trainer


    new energy looks clean
    meowth v sucks
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  3. The Rhyperior I am still Mr. Rhyperior
    The Rhyperior


    Quick Ball and Evolution Incense was revealed like it was leaked from a Youtube video
    • Quick Ball - 5 Geodudes
    • Magic Evo Search--- I mean Evolution Incense - 5 Geodudes
    • Bede - Really? 2 Geodudes
    • Meowth V - Ehh? MeowthVMAX?? 2 Geodudes
    I want to see the cards to be confirmed soon.
    1. A tool card that reduces RC by CC.
    2. An Item card that drew up to 7 cards, after your Pokemon gets KO'd during your opponent's next turn.
    3. A "Bicycle" card that lets you draw until you have 6 cards in your hand but ends your turn.
    4. A "Team Yell Grunt" where you choose 1 energy frcm the Defending Pokemon and put that back on the opponent's hand.
    5. A tool card that does +10 dmg to the Defending Pokemon. Kinda like 1/2 of the Muscle Band.
  4. Yaginku Aspiring Trainer


    Quick Ball:
    I much prefer Nest Ball in terms of balance. QB requires an additional discard that not all decks are comfortable with. The ability to trigger ETB abilities is good - possibly too good.

    Evolution Incense:
    It's better than Timer Ball.

    Bede isn't Welder and that's a good thing. Lets hope he marks the limit for these types of effects going forward.
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  5. TatsuyaOrimuta Aspiring Trainer


    I wonder if Majestic Dawn Quick Ball will get an Errata like Great Ball did
  6. ronangorski Aspiring Trainer


    That Meowth is number 28 already. O_O
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  7. Wechselbalg *****


    Why bother printing a nerfed Welder while Welder is still legal? But wow, it's not stock Sugimori art.
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  8. Yaginku Aspiring Trainer


    I would like to errata my previous post. Quick Ball is an obvious force to make people play Dedennes (and future similar cards), when 1st turn supporters get banned.
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  9. crystal_pidgeot Bird Trainer *Vaporeon on PokeGym*


    180 hp on Meowth. I wonder what the higher end HP limits would look like if 180 is the lower end.
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  10. Nyora A Cat


    Whta y'all seem to be missing is that Bede isn't Ken Sugimori artwork. What a surprise :eek:

    Head to the Creative Works section of the forums!!
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  11. cardgjammer Aspiring Trainer


    I hope for the errata, but in case they don't do it, since the previous print predated BW, I wonder if the reason why is to reduce marked card occurrences in tournaments by encouraging people to get the newer Quick Ball, rather than use their now likely more-worn and out-of-print Majestic Dawn versions of Quick Ball...
  12. Zipplip Aspiring Trainer


    Oh noooooooooo
  13. fleshrum April in Kalos...

    Advanced Member Member

    Wow, these trainers are AMAZING.
  14. SableyeGuy Creating the future big brian BDIF...


    Meganium could be good again! Now print some busted support stage 2s!
  15. softsoph Aspiring Trainer


    The trainer art reminds me of the old EX era trainer art where they actually drew art for the trainer cards..

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  16. JakeTheGearHeart Aspiring Trainer


    Since Meowth has a V card, Dynamaxing will almost definitely involve evolving V cards in some way.
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  17. The Rhyperior I am still Mr. Rhyperior
    The Rhyperior


    What part of the creative works? I look to it and I only see the Card Fake forums, card art contest forums, etc.

    BTW, those were mentioned on the video is coming from the source where we give us CES Sceptile & TEU Nanu
  18. OVERGRO Pokemon is lyfe.


    Well, if there was ever any doubt, I think this promotional Meowth V pretty much confirms that Vmax cards are the equivalent of Dynamax/Gigantamax.

    Their effects and limitations remain to be seen of course. Looking forward to more info after I'm back from my internet hiatus to avoid spoilers until I can get the game x)
  19. softsoph Aspiring Trainer


    Does anyone here think the Meowth V card's artwork looks quite nice?
    It's very refreshing to me to see regular "GX/EX" type cards have drawn artwork again rather than the dreaded 5ban graphics..
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  20. Christopher Shehan Aspiring Trainer
    Christopher Shehan


    Does this mean we get to evolve dudes again?!?!