First Footage of ‘Pocket Monsters’ Anime!

The first real footage of the upcoming Pocket Monsters anime can now be seen in a new special. The footage starts at 10:55 and shows off all the new characters, including Ash and Go riding a Lugia.

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  1. The Fish 0.o
    The Fish


    That animation tho woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo its a perfect mix between X&Y and S&M.
  2. Tytus Expanded Best Format


    I still liked X and Y better. Ash actually looked like he was getting older.
  3. precita Aspiring Trainer


    The show has improved a lot from the Johto days when it was just repetitive filler and misty and brock were basically background characters with no development and terrible battles. Amazing how the writers permanently dropping Misty from the series a whopping 17 years sticked for the rest of the series.