‘Hidden Fates’ Set Logo Further Confirms ‘GX Ultra Shiny’ in America!

The set logo for Hidden Fates has been revealed!

The logo is ordained with Shiny Pokemon stars on the left and right sides, further confirming the set will use cards from Japan’s GX Ultra Shiny.

As posted a few times, Hidden Fates will be a combination of cards from GX Ultra Shiny and the Pokemon TCG “Family Box” Set. Its booster packs will release through holiday products from August through Christmas, as with Dragon Majesty and Shining Legends.

Hidden Fates products announced so far include Mew and Mewtwo Pin Collections, Charizard/Raichu/Gyarados-GX tins, and a Glaceon-GX Tin.

We still don’t know how TPCi will handle the legality of reprinted shiny cards like Zoroark-GX, but it’s possible they’ll print them as “A” alternate cards. Maybe they’ll even make the shiny Pokemon a sub-set within the main set that’s illegal to use in Standard. We’ll find out soon!

Thanks goes to TotalCards for the set logo image and Sam R. for the heads-up!