‘Hidden Fates,’ Special Set Releasing in America This August!

It seems our “special yearly set” will be named Hidden Fates!

We can now reveal that two “Hidden Fates Pin Collections” featuring Mew or Mewtwo will release in America on August 23rd!

Each will come with a Mew or Mewtwo foil promo, a pin featuring one of them, a PTCGO code card, and… three Hidden Fates booster packs?! This is the first we’ve heard of that set name!

Is Hidden Fates America’s August set? Well, no, America’s August set is Unified Minds. August sets always release in the first week of August and this product is releasing at the end of August. Furthermore, if this product was associated with Unified Minds, it would release at the same time as the rest of its products and also would have been announced alongside them a while ago.

In two different internal distributor databases we use, the product descriptions for the pin collections uses placeholders from Dragon Majesty and Shining Legends. This suggests the distributors are treating Hidden Fates like the yearly “special set.”

The contents of the two collections exactly match what we got in our two Dragon Majesty Latios and Latias pin collections, which was the first product released to promote Dragon Majesty last year. So it seems pretty obvious Hidden Fates is our special yearly set!

However, the special yearly set always releases a bit later in the fall. Perhaps Hidden Fates is releasing a little earlier than usual because the franchise will be focusing on Sword and Shield‘s release later in the fall?

So what could Hidden Fates be? So far, we haven’t received the Shiny Pokemon from Japan’s GX Ultra Shiny, which released last November. We also know that there’s an upcoming “reprint” set in Japan called Remix Bout that is releasing in July. Perhaps this set will be a combination of all those cards, plus cards we haven’t received yet like the full art version of Lady and the full art Stadium cards?

We’ll find out what’s going on soon, so stay tuned!