All ‘GX Ultra Shiny’ Secret Rares, Rarity Distribution!

GX Ultra Shiny has exactly 100 secret rares! Thanks goes to forum staff AlphaVoxel for collecting the images below!

Each 10-card booster pack comes with one regular Pokemon-GX, one reverse holo (called “mirror holo” in Japan), and two holo cards. The rest of the cards in a pack are made up of the set’s regular cards, including one to two Trainer cards.

You do not get a regular shiny Pokemon in each pack. In fact there are only one to two per box!

Each booster box of ten packs comes with exactly one shiny Pokemon-GX, one to two regular shiny Pokemon, and one to two Prism Stars. A secret rare / ultra rare (such as a full art Trainer or gold GX) is not guaranteed to be in a box; usually you only get one out of every two to three boxes. And if you get one, it usually means the box only has one regular shiny Pokemon.

The rest of the set’s regular cards were revealed the other day.

We do not yet know how these cards will be released outside of Japan.