New ‘Elemental Evolution Tins’ at Walfart!

New “Elemental Evolution Tins” are now available at Walfart! Some readers spotted them here and there in the past month, but they’re now beginning to appear with more frequency in Walfart’s toy section for Christmas.

Each contains a reprint of either Flareon-EX, Vaporeon-EX, or Jolteon-EX from Generations. However, they do not have the glossy finish of the Generations EX cards; they are printed like traditional EX cards. If you’re a collector, this may be an important difference to you.

Each tin comes with four booster packs from Roaring Skies, Ancient Origins, Fates Collide, and Celestial Storm.

These are currently Walfart-exclusive tins. These kinds of products are not advertised by distributors because they’re handled directly by TPCi, so we only learn about them once someone spots them on store shelves.

Thanks goes to Ryan R. for the news!

(We will also be getting Jolteon-GX / Flareon-GX / Vaporeon-GX Special Collections on January 18th.)