New ‘Charmander Sidekick Collection,’ Necrozma Figure Blisters at Walfart!

A new “Charmander Sidekick Collection” is now available at Walfart for $15.97!

It comes with an “A” alternate art promo of Charmander from Burning Shadows, a Charmander dangler, and three booster packs from Evolutions, Crimson Invasion, and Ultra Prism. The promo was originally released in Japan in the “Charmander Special Set” in June 2017.

This is the third sidekick collection released: the Pikachu and Mimikyu Sidekick Collections were originally released last year, but are now back in stock at Walfarts alongside this new Charmander edition. There are no Bulbasaur or Squirtle editions (curses!).

New Dawn Wings Necrozma and Dusk Mane Necrozma figure blisters are also appearing on shelves for $9.97 each.

They contain a Lost Thunder and Burning Shadows pack in addition to figures of one of the Pokemon. The figures were originally released in the Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings Necrozma Premium Collections in May.

Thanks goes to PokeBeach members Swampert Full Art and Team Rocket Agent for the news!