Glimpse of Melmetal-GX and Meltan Promos!

We’ve just learned a new “Metal Set Melmetal” tin will be released in Japan on January 11th for 1,500 yen!

It’ll include promos of Melmetal-GX, Meltan, six Night Unison booster packs, and a metal GX marker.

The promos are purposefully blurred on the product image above. Melmetal-GX has 220 HP, a “Hard Coat” Ability, a “Metal Blast” attack, and a “Panzer Force GX” attack. Meltan has 60 HP and the attacks “Multiply” and “Beam.”

We will be getting both promos in our “Melmetal-GX Box” on February 15th.

We’ll bring you translations as soon as we get clear images! Stay tuned!