All ‘Lost Thunder’ Product Images!

We now have all the images for Lost Thunder‘s products, including better versions of ones we’ve posted previously.

We’re still missing the image for the set’s other one-pack blister, but it may feature the Popplio promo on the right. Its attack is named Disarming Voice, does 20 damage, and you flip to Confuse your opponent’s Active Pokemon.

Starting with Lost Thunder, launch kits will carry less booster packs and will no longer carry the promo cards from a set’s three-pack blisters. Instead, they will contain ten slap-band bracelets featuring a Poke Ball design.

Lost Thunder prereleases will take place from October 20th to October 28th. The set will then hit store shelves on November 2nd. It will be the largest set in the game’s history with over 210 cards coming from three Japanese sets — SM7a Thunderclap Spark, SM7b Fairy Rise, and SM8 Explosive Impact.