‘Lost Thunder’ Launch Kits to Ditch Promos, Include Bracelets

Launch displays are kits that hobby stores can put on their shelves to sell the latest Pokemon set. Since they were introduced by TPCi in 2014, they’ve included 72 booster packs, eight theme decks, and 16 promo cards — all within a large shelf display box.

Starting with Lost Thunder, the kits will only come with 36 booster packs, eight theme decks, and will also include ten slap-band bracelets featuring a Poke Ball design. Presumably, store owners can give them out at their discretion to those who buy the product. We do not have a picture of the bracelets yet.

The kits previously featured 16 promo cards that came from the set’s blister packs, but those will be replaced by the bracelets. This means if you plan to buy your Lost Thunder product from a hobby store, you’ll have to buy the blister packs separately.