‘Lost Thunder’ 3-Pack Blisters, Ultra PRO Portfolios!

Altaria will be the second promo card available in the Lost Thunder 3-pack blisters! It will be an “A” alternate art promo card, not a true Sun & Moon promo. Alolan Exeggutor was already revealed as the first 3-pack blister promo.


The product images for the Ultra PRO portfolios have also been revealed! The 9-pocket portfolio will feature Lugia on the front and Celebi on the back while the 4-pocket will feature Zeraora and Blacephalon.

Each portfolio holds 10 pages. Sadly, both portfolios won’t be able to fit a complete set of Lost Thunder since the set will feature over 210 cards. The 9-pocket portfolio can only fit 180 cards if you double-load each page.

Here are all the Lost Thunder images we previously posted:

We are currently missing an image of the other one-pack blister. We still don’t know what promo it will contain.

Lost Thunder prereleases will take place from October 20th to October 28th. The set will then hit store shelves on November 2nd.