‘Mega Charizard X vs. Mega Blastoise Battle Arena Decks’ Announced!

The Kanto marketing for Let’s Go! Pikachu and Eevee is hitting the TCG yet again, and will surely continue with even more product announcements over the coming months!

The next Battle Arena Decks will release on September 21st and will feature M Charizard-EX and M Blastoise-EX!

The package will come with two 60-card decks, each featuring two foil copies of its EX card and a new alternate art foil Trainer card. The package will also come with two metallic coins featuring each Pokemon, two deck boxes, a playmat, two sets of damage counters, a player’s guide, and a rule sheet.

The identities of the two alternate art Trainers are currently unknown.

The last Battle Arena Decks were supposed to release in September 2017 and were going to feature Landorus-EX, Genesect-EX, and alternate art promos of Delinquent and Professor’s Letter. However, TPCi cancelled the release after realizing they saturated the market with too many products.