‘Landorus vs. Genesect Battle Arena Decks’ Product Image!

We now have an exclusive image of the upcoming Battle Arena Decks package featuring Landorus-EX and Genesect-EX! It will hit store shelves in America and Europe on September 15th.

As posted a few months ago, the package will come with holo alternate art promos of Delinquent and Professor's Letter, as you can see to the right. These alternate art versions haven’t been released in Japan yet.

The package will contain two 60-card decks featuring two copies of Landorus-EX or Genesect-EX, eight foil Basic Energy cards per deck, the two aforementioned Trainers, tournament-level Trainers like Lysandre, N, and VS Seeker, two metallic coins, two sets of damage counters, two deck boxes, a PTCGO code card, and a player’s guide.