Several Upcoming TCG Products Cancelled or Delayed

The release of the Landorus vs. Genesect Battle Arena Deck has been completely cancelled. There are currently no plans to release it in the future, though that could always change.

Due to a saturated release schedule with all the upcoming Shining Legends products, TPCi has decided to delay the Alolan Raichu Figure Collection until next year. Distributors project that it will be released in March.

The release date for the Tapu Lele Pin Collection is still up in the air, but the product has not been cancelled. Distributors think it may release in December. No definitive answer has been given as to why it’s been delayed, only unsubstantiated rumors. (However, I think it may be due to a manufacturing error with the pins, which delayed Tapu Lele’s keychain release in Japan.)

And as I posted before, the Shining Legends Elite Trainer Box will be released early on September 22nd on and through (the actual company, not a third party). It will then be released everywhere else two weeks later on October 6th.