‘Alolan Raichu Figure Collection’ Product Image!

Tubular! The product image for the American “Alolan Raichu Figure Collection” is now out, revealing the Surfing Psychic-type’s figurine!

The box will come with an Alolan Raichu holo promo, figure, and four booster packs. It’ll release on October 6th.

As posted before, Alolan Raichu is a reprint of the one from the Sun & Moon Trainer Kit, but with brand new artwork.

In Europe, the product will be available as the “Alolan Raichu Box.” It’ll come with an Alolan Raichu jumbo card instead of a figurine as well as one less booster pack.

Update: Due to the high number of TCG products releasing before the end of the year, TPCi is postponing the Alolan Raichu Box until 2018.