Card Images of ‘Sun & Moon – Alolan Raichu & Lycanroc Trainer Kit!’

PTCGO has updated with the contents of the new Sun & Moon Trainer Kit featuring Alolan Raichu and Lycanroc! Thanks goes to PokeBeach forum member jessalakasam for sending me the card images!

Pikachu was available in a promo blister in Japan, Alolan Raichu and Lycanroc have not been announced yet alone released in Japan yet, and Fletchling and Fletchinder are from SM2 Moonlight of Alola. The rest of the cards are reprints, but with the Trainer Kit’s set symbols and numbering.

As posted before, the kit will be released in America and Europe on April 21st. It will come with two 30-card decks featuring foil cards of the two mascots, a 2-player playmat, damage counters and Special Condition markers, a coin, an illustrated deck box, guides, and a PTCGO code card.