TCG Sets Now Sold Early at Hobby Stores!

Starting with Guardians Rising, hobby stores that host prerelease tournaments in the United States and Canada will now be allowed to sell the set’s products the Monday before the set’s official release date! This includes booster packs, theme decks, and any other set-related products.

This move is probably an attempt to give local stores more foot traffic over big box retailers and give fans an opportunity to discover organized play, which is something they wouldn’t be exposed to at Wal-Fart. This would then lead to more growth for the game! It’s also incentive for local game stores to host and promote prerelease tournaments if they want those big early sales, which will also grow the game! So I give this move a 10/10! :p

Since the release date of Guardians Rising is May 5th, this means fans can officially purchase the set on Monday, May 1st! Like all sets, Guardians Rising will be legal for organized play on the third Friday of its release month, which in this case is May 19th.